23 February 2015

Bye, Blue

I've been carrying the same Estee Lauder tote bag on a daily basis since 2008 when it was gifted to me by my super sweet boss. The little guy has endured much abuse. Blue, my trusty tote. You could shove so much stuff in there. Laptops, books, lunch bags, purses, beach stuff, spilled coffee, unidentified sticky stuff on the bus floor... he's seen it all.

After a while the handles became completely worn through to the core, and the overall appearance became quite shabby, then recently the side seam split beyond repair. I held out for as long as I could, but it's time for a new bag.

Blue is now in the trash can, covered with raw ham juice and other trash things, so I won't be tempted to pull it back out and carry him again. I've got to let him go!

Today in Stein Mart I grabbed this guy for $25. Hello, Pink.

It will probably not hold up as well as Blue, but at least I now have a tote bag that is not falling apart. Let's see if she gets me through the summer.

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