01 February 2015

random things that are not adultful stress

Been really bloated the past few days. Like so much that my skin is hurting it's so stretched. No idea why! It's not helping the overall funk that has settled in that region. Drinking tons of water (and lemon water) hoping it will resolve soon. Related: Gastro appt Thursday.

Related... related: Gyno appt Tuesday. I called ahead and asked if they could run a lipid panel while I was there, since it's been a while since I've had the ole high cholesterol checked and butter has been a big thing around here lately. They had no problem with that. Sweet.

Nacho bar at Ashley's superbowl party. Bloating and cholesterol be damned-- I'm absolutely taking part in that. I'll bring the pepto bismol. And take some fish oil.

Dad and Tommy came to treat for bugs and pests. Take that, adolescent roach that I saw in the shower the other day, and rats under the deck. Your days are numbered.

We have tried leaving the TV/ lights on and giving Andy a chew when we leave. So far, it's preventing the misbehaving issue. The other day Chris left and forgot to do those things, and all hell broke loose, specifically in the trash can. So that means it's working, hopefully. Don't prove me wrong, dog.
She still likes to dig holes in the yard. We're filling those up with poop, like the dog trainer suggested, and she won't mess with those holes, but instead will dig new ones. Sigh. Maybe she just needs funner toys or bigger chews.

P.S. This is the closest that they've voluntarily gotten to each other without hissing and swatting from the cat. Andy just wants to be friends and Pumpkin is, well, Pumpkin.
They are both moving from the front window to the office window, united by a common interest in the neighbor's cats roaming about in the front flowerbeds.

This sequence of pictures is priceless and adorable.
I couldn't believe that 1. They looked at each other from their respective windows and went back to their stalking and there was no fighting and 2. I caught it on camera. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? HA, not a chance.

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Ashley Bennett said...

Hahahahaha okay. That's cute as hell. And I could whip up some nice, healthy soup for you if you're not into the nacho bar. Hahaha