25 February 2015


How often do you clean your phone?

Myself, it's done on a daily basis. I wipe it down with an alcohol pad at the end of every workday, considering my work environment and the fact that I use it in the lab. I'm not sure I'd be so diligent if it wasn't for that.

I suppose phones are along the same priority as keyboards, remote controls, keys, doorknobs, light switches, purse handles, etc. Those only get wiped down in serious, serious cleaning modes and when someone gets sick. Then nothing is safe from Lysol.

So just curious- how often does your phone get clean? (And while we're at it-- the aforementioned keyboards, remote controls, etc.)


Drew said...

I clean mine around once a week. I do it while I'm at the gym. They have the little wipes to clean equipment and every so often I grab an extra to clean my phone.
I clean light switches pretty often when I clean the bathroom. Keyboards, remotes, and all the rest get sadly neglected.
I've been tempted by the little UV light cleaner things for devices like phones and tablets. If they weren't fairly expensive I'd already have talked myself into buying one.

Suzy said...

I clean mine a few times a week with alcohol. Wipe it off almost daily bc coconut oil lol keyboard and other...almost never although now I'm sure I'll be paranoid about it hahah