31 January 2015

boulder part 1

The anxieties are for real right now. Like I can't just sit and be content because I feel the anxiety weight on my chest.

We went and got our taxes done this morning. I was really glad to check that off my list.
Unfortunately, they're only halfway done because we're still waiting to receive a couple of the documents. Nothing worse than a half-completed task on a habitual list-maker's list!

It turns out, in a big moment of learning earlier this week, a windfall we got last year was considered taxable income and we didn't pay taxes on it, and didn't think to set some money aside to pay those taxes. D'oh. Which means that now we have to pay the IRS pretty much the amount we were expecting to get back. And I don't exactly understand why, which makes it like 10 times worse. Cue disappointment.

Not to mention we have to pay $200 for the actual tax return preparation (Holy crap I did not expect it to be that much)!

AND for the cherry (hopefully this will be it-- they come in 3's!) our property taxes were underestimated for last year so we owe some cash there. Not our fault; the bank's fault, but still our responsibility and at least we were aware that this might happen.

Of course, we have options, including financing & payment plans... Screw that mess. I think we will opt to pay everything in full, get them out of the way, avoid interest, and be really poor with no savings for a few months. And to think I was really proud that I was able to transfer a bit of cash into savings this month which will ironically turn out to be a drop in the bucket once we pay all these darn taxes.

Either way, not exactly what we were hoping for, and like I said, a large learning moment that will definitely not be repeated. Ever. Next year's taxes should be less tumultuous. Should.

So that's one thing that's been weighing heavy on my mind lately.

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