13 January 2015

coconut oil turned makeup

I don't have a lot of time to write a blog post.
Wow as soon as I typed that, Chris asked if I would be busy for the next 10-15 minutes because he's going to call his grandpa.

So. More leisurely written blog post.

We bought a jar of coconut oil. Partly because I've been really intrigued by everything I've seen about it, from baking to skin care. Partly because I saw a jar at mom's house, no doubt courtesy of Suzy. And if mom can buy one, so can I. Partly because Chris wanted to try that bulletproof coffee and he gave it the final approval. Even though it was hella expensive for such a small jar.

Now I have only a slight interest in a cup of coffee involving butter & coconut oil (hello heart attack?), and a mild interest in baking with it, but I mostly have this urge to put it on my skin. For some reason I imagine coconut oil doing so much more than my usual blend of olive oil and castor oil. Yeah I still do that, but mostly as a makeup remover/ nighttime moisturizing routine. I've switched to generic acne cleanser + clarisonic and so far, combined with a birth control method that doesn't make me crazy or break out, my skin is looking okay. Actually, the best that it's been in years. Still far from perfect, but manageable with just a bit of tinted BB cream on a daily basis.

Speaking of BB cream, I've never worn anything more than a moisturizer and spot concealer except for when I was really breaking out and then I went straight to a foundation, but as I've gotten older I've noticed that my skin tone is a little more uneven than it used to be, and a tinted moisturizer/BB cream (What's the difference, really?) really helps even things out and make me feel like I look fresh. That was a long-ass sentence. But we're having a wine date here in blog-land and there's no need to go back and refine. I've never really seen how my skin looks in bright natural sunlight when I wear the tinted BB cream, so I could look really ridiculous and like I'm wearing a lot of makeup, but from what I've seen I look like my skin tone is evened out and I look fresh.

Also I read something the other day from a chick whose blog I read, and she said that she wanted to focus less on makeup and more on preventing skin issues through skincare and diet, etc. She's got a good point.

So anyway I'm out of the castor oil and rather than go to the drugstore to find more, I'm going to try this coconut oil on my skin and see what happens.

P.S. Much like my parallel life-living friend, I started to unfollow a bunch of pinterest boards and stuff that I have absolutely no interest in (elementary school curriculum? No thanks. Another damn Frozen pin? I want to punch Frozen.), and I also found there wasn't much to look at! But then I started to notice "recommended pins" from pinterest that were kind of annoying as well but you can't remove those so anyway.

Gunna run.

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Drew said...

I had to look up the bulletproof coffee. Interesting stuff. I *may* have added some coconut oil to my tea this morning. Tastes fine but I didn't like that it gave me slimy lips. Though my lips have been SUPER dry, so maybe this is a good way of rehydrating them....
I'm a fan of coconut oil for the kitchen. I've never been brave enough to try it on the face. It sounds like it works for a ton of people, but there were just enough bad reviews out there that I'm too chicken.