17 January 2015

Free time

Evening to myself = Wine + Friends on Netflix + a craft*

*Could possibly be one of the following:

1. Continue kiltzing the bathroom. I can't figure out a color so I've gotten two more testers. Who knew such subtle differences on paper could be so dramatic on the actual wall?

Feather Grey- too light
Vintage Taupe- too dark
Still to try:
Memories and Cloud Nine

I don't know if I feel like changing clothes and painting, though.

Also considering:

2. Doing this to an old moving box to hold Andy's blankets/toys.

2.5 Plus fashioning some sort of crate cover because dayum, that thing is UGLY.

3. I have a various amount of small things in my "To-Do" pile, including gluing a magnet onto a picture frame, painting a clear coat over a decorative metal wine glass so it can be hung outside on the porch, making a bow for Andy's collar, etc.

4. Hanging that very large picture above the couch. I may have had just enough wine for that.

5. Making a handle-holder for the cast iron pan. Because it's cute and uses up scraps and I'm forever accidentally grabbing that hot-ass handle.

6. Going through my closet and making up outfits. Because I still have to stand there and stare at my clothes and try really hard to think of something different besides the combination that I've already worn 10 times.

7. I may have had too much wine for any of that = sitting on the couch watching desperate housewives?

1 comment:

Ashley Bennett said...

The handle pot holder is super cute! How do you make a cardboard box look so cute? And desperate housewives FTW.