03 January 2015

up early

I'm up early. Really early. A bout of thunder and heavy rain woke me up. (A downspout right next to the master bedroom window? Really? Another one of the genius decisions someone made when they were building/working on this house)

Rather than switch positions, snuggle up with the cat, and go back to sleep, my brain started thinking of all the activities I could be doing. Taking advantage of the fact that no one will tell me to stop making noise or go back to bed, I got up, flicked some lights on, and started my day. On like 5 hours of sleep. Because it's dark and rainy and scary out and for some reason being up seems better than laying in bed wondering if there are monsters just outside my bedroom door. And because I always compulsively want to maximize these rare opportunities to do whatever I want and come up with a billion projects when in reality none of them ever get done.

I dug out one of the last pods of Pumpkin Spice coffee, and am enjoying it with these fantastic coconut almond shortbread God cookies. Yes, they've reached God status.

I used my credit card points to get an Amazon gift card for the sole purpose of boosting my Kindle balance. The problem is, even with a renewed balance, I'm reluctant to buy anything! Even though my list of stuff to read is up to like 30 books. I do not know why I hoard my Kindle book funds.

Anyway, I'm off to go turn on Friends and hang some pictures. Or organize my craft room. Or start working on the guest bathroom. Or rearrange some furniture. Or snuggle up back in bed.

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Drew said...

One of my favorite things is kindle books from the library. I can check them out online and they are automatically returned when time is up. This means I don't even have to step foot in the library or buy a book I likely won't reread. Any chance your library rents ebooks?