04 January 2015

oh snap today was great

I am good and tipsy right now. By the time I hit publish it will be Sunday.

What a busy day. I expected to nap after my early rise, but I just kept on chuggin.

The events of the day include:
  • Massive cleaning/declutter/putting stuff away, and prepping the guest bath for painting/ aka priming.
  • Busted out the picture hanging box and hung up a ton of things that have been put off, including some Christmas gifts. Feels good to check those off the list.
  • Going shopping in Julie's closet. She shops almost exclusively at Banana Republic and we (used to be) the same size. I snagged a ton of cute stuff (most of which will fit beautifully if I gained 5-10 pounds) plus some home decor items which came almost exclusively from Pottery Barn. I love her taste. Got a few of James's hand me downs for Chris, too. Jury's still out on whether or now he'll wear them.
  • Helping Julie & James pack for a move with Akhtar. Shenanigans! 
  • Can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that the other day at a gathering, someone commented again on my weight, and Julie asked if it was due to an illness? I could have kissed her. She has a few issues, too, so she gets it.
  • Spending time with mom. Window shopping mostly. She needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Turns out, I did too.
  • Priming the guest bath. Ran out of Kilz so I suppose that will be on the list tomorrow. Tried a test swatch of the color I thought I'd love so I didn't bother getting two different shades of the test sample, but I think I want the darker shade that I didn't get made. It always ends up that way. Excited to be putting a dent in the project nevertheless.
  • Organizing/cleaning up craft room. The best way to describe it since we moved in is... utter chaos. It became gift wrapping central for Christmas amongst the already present disarray, and I was actually embarrassed when Chris's sister came to visit and wrap some gifts. We couldn't even let Roomba in to clean because he'd no doubt suck something up and get jammed. It looks so much better now. And Roomba definitely needs to make a visit.

Actually, I think it's time for updated house pics. Especially since I tidied up and once Chris and Andy come home I doubt I will see it this way for a while.


Craft room, picked up:
Pillows, waiting for coordinating re-covers, plus wrapping paper storage

Hung up hooks, finally.

 Craft closet organization.
 I even labeled the drawers. Love.
Dining room: I think I want to hang sheer curtains over the blinds to make them softer. They look so... blind-y but I love letting in all the natural light.

 Living room:

 Friends on Netflix! Plus Christmas boxed and ready to be put away.

Kitchen. Loving the layout, dreaming of new countertops.

 Does anyone else stop the microwave timer on like 2 seconds? Or does that drive you batty?

 The coffee station that still works out beautifully.

 Bar, stocked.
 Laundry. I still love how this room turned out, plus new plush hangers courtesy of Julie.

Even though I've had enough wine and bed would be pretty nice, still wanting to maximize my Free Will time and start a project. Possibly this, because I got some Jute today.  [News flash to me, it's not called twine.] Plus this AOL pop radio station is totally jammin.

Chris doesn't get cell service where he is, and I hope he's having a really good time. It will be nice to have him home to squeeze and banish away imaginary nighttime monsters that inevitably lurk around every shadowy corner.

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