16 January 2015


Decided to try that bulletproof coffee nonsense. So I mixed up a cup, thought it tasted like there was cream in it, and gave it to Chris. Then I mixed up a cup with just coconut oil and since it tastes just like my normal coffee- just frothier thanks to the blender- I'll go ahead and drink it. Miracles can go ahead and happen now.

Yesterday was a lovely day.
I made a kickass breakfast. Today will be nothing special- probably oatmeal or rice krispies with banana, since the belly woke up cranky.

We got some homestead tax paperwork done, got a costco membership, took Andy for a walk in the glorious sunshine, installed a really pretty new light on the back porch, got a couple of quotes for a new fence, and grilled some sausage for dinner. Spent the evening snuggled up on the couch with a fire going.

Requisite light pictures:
Before- This one is on the front porch but they were the same style- old and grody.

Now- pretty, pretty.  The crackled glass makes pretty patterns on the walls when it's lit at night. The LED lights are super bright, too.

Today we might go back to get another light for the front porch, seal the new dog house, and get our cars washed. It's another beautiful morning and after several days with no sun, I want to take full advantage of it. For now I'm going to enjoy my coffee. Which has un-blended and now there's an oily layer on top. Plegh.

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