27 January 2015

tuesday tidbit

Today I fell asleep on the bus. Like, mouth hanging open asleep. It was great.

I tried making these meat and cheese roll up things with the pillsbury GF pizza dough Ash got for me, but they did NOT turn out. Come to think of it, the dough may have been a little old. Maybe that's why. Hm. They were tasty so I'll definitely try it with a dough recipe that I already know is good.

This may be gross, but I've started not showering every day. Now wait. Let me explain. I still shower on a daily basis. Not showering is the exception, not the rule.
But, this winter my skin has been getting itchy and I think it's from my long, hot showers. There's no way in hell I'm taking anything but a hot shower, so on days when I've been pretty inactive and my pits don't stink, I brush a little baby powder in my hair and skip the shower. I've only done it a handful of times, when conditions are just right, and so far I've seen an improvement in my skin. 
God, I feel gross just having typed that but it's not so bad. I mostly do it on the weekends when I'm just hanging out in my pajamas or will be working out in the yard, so it's not a big issue. Tip: If you see me with a high ponytail, you know my ass skipped the shower. :o)

I feel like I need to end with something besides, "I don't shower" but I've ran out of things to say. Whatevs.

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Drew said...

Pffft. I've been on an every-other-day shower thing for months now. I use to use dry shampoo on the no-shower days, but now I hardly need to. Either my body adjusted or my hygiene standards have just dropped sufficiently. :)