25 January 2015

Spiralize everything!

Let's talk about vegetables. I'm forever trying to figure out ways to eat more. I even have a never-referenced vegetable cookbook. (BTW Cauliflower is on sale this week and I need ideas!)

Suzy got one of those vegetable spiralizers for Christmas and since she reported back that it worked well, I made a special trip to the 'As Seen on TV' section of CVS to get my own. She's right- it's like a giant pencil sharpener but instead of a pencil you use a phallic-shaped veggie! It basically creates vegetable noodles.
Which is highly intriguing to me because
1. Traditional noodles are annoying to make. Who has time to wait for water to boil?
2. I'm trying to eat more vegetables
3. How cool is the whole idea?

With zucchini noodles, you literally just sautee for a minute and they're done. I think I'm going to try a carrot and see what that's like. Make no mistake; every vegetable possible will get spiralized here.

On a related note, I started thinking about this year's garden. I might try my hand at zucchini again. Different yard, different sun patterns, different soil... I might be successful!
Definitely doing the standard herbs like basil and thyme- My basil from last year finally bit the dust last week. It was alive for a long stretch; I'm very proud. What else I grow will depend 100% on what kind of seeds I see at the store.

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