19 January 2015

pH and meds

So this weekend, at some point, I started to develop a stomach ache. Surprise there.

Before reaching for the tums, I thought that maybe my stomach was overcompensating and producing more acid- a rebound effect from the antacids, if you will. I've read about it but for the most part rejected it. The thought of adding something caustic to my already irritated stomach was inconceivable.

I figured, though, what have I got to lose? I was already headed down the road to upset stomachville and rather than perpetuate the cycle, instead I ate the most acidic thing in the house- a piece of grapefruit. What happened was potentially groundbreaking. While there was not an immediate settling of the stomach, there was also no progression of that stomach ache. I just stayed in that state of mildly upset until it eventually passed.

I tried it again the next day when I started to feel icky. Same response.

Yesterday I forgot to take my morning dose of meds. I felt not great during the day, but ok.

This morning I also forgot to take them. When I started to feel that churny acidic feeling developing, I made some hot water and added lemon with honey (also because my throat is sore). While I don't feel fantastic, I also do not feel the need to lay down in bed with a bottle of tums and a heating pad. I don't feel like my stomach is about ready to jump out of my body. Nothing feels angry; only mildly irritated.

Instead I kinda feel like going for a walk or doing some yoga, NOT taking more pills. I know I might find immediate relief and some days I might need it to function, but in the long run they are not going to do anything for me. I've been down that road before and I'm not interested. Why repeat history?

I'm still all about finding the cause. I'll try more dietary changes. I'll try acupuncture. I'm dead serious about rejecting conventional medicine when it comes to treating these symptoms with whatever medication the doctor is getting paid to prescribe. I've made a follow up appointment with my gastroenterologist to discuss this, and if he still insists on treating the symptoms, I'll find another one. And another one. Until I feel better.


Suzy said...

YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS OMG YES! I COULD KISS YOU ON THE FACE! LOL Reject that conventional big-pharma medicine cycle they've got our poor tummies stuck in! *hippie rejoicing over* but I've also been wanting to try acupuncture. Also, give Apple Cider Vinegar some research; I started drinking a dilution every morning and I like to think it's helped my tummy problems; but I've also made some pretty drastic eating changes too so who knows. Hope you start feeling better Nen, call me if you need some hippie food theories :)

Suzy said...

P.S. Ginger and Peppermint are great for tummy troubles. I'll make peppermint tea and chunk a slice of ginger in there to steep with it

Suzy said...

P.P.S. loooooooveee youuuuuuu