09 January 2015

I made it

It occurred to me that once the cat chills out about the dog again, we will be able to feed them at the same time, eliminating the "leftover food being eaten by the wrong animal" problem.

I declined a last minute dinner/ movie invitation with our friends because this week/ this day has just been rough. The first week back after a "vacation" is always rough, especially when it's everyone else coming back from vacation and frantically trying to catch up on the stuff that got neglected. I need a bath and a neck rub. I will probably get neither but that's ok because I don't have to go to work tomorrow.

Gunna go try and practice the new commands with the dog. It's incredible how timid she gets when you're working with her; she acts like you're yelling at her even when you're just telling her to sit. Practice will no doubt loosen her up a bit.

It's supposed to be a cold, rainy, miserable weekend. Perfect for staying in your pjs. Supposed to help a friend move tomorrow but I'm not sure how that will all work out.

1 comment:

Ashley Bennett said...

Nah dude. Pjs > moving