11 January 2015


pissy rain
moving furniture for friends
inhaling 5Guys burgers and cajun fries
afternoon nap
dog training
nightime trip to home depot*
dog house building
choco-chip waffles
lazy coffee on the couch
more indigestion
getting the rug to stay put
loving roomba
fresh clean bedsheets
dog and cat interactions*
bleachy shower
considering more paint colors for guest bath
black bean & sweet potato taco noms

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.


Fire hazard broken outlet repair turned into a recessed outlet when we found them at Home Depot. Genius. I'm so glad Chris knows how to do these things because I'm not sure I have the nerve.

A trail of cat treats coerced Pumpkin this close to the dog. Shortly after this picture the scene turned into a hissing swat and a blur of puffy tail. Andy got to enjoy the cat treat. 

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