27 January 2015

Updates that are less crabby

-Library books on Kindle are amazing. I've already read a few. THANK YOU for the tip!

-Haven't taken the stomach meds in a week. So far, so good-ish. I've been drinking warm lemon water when I start to feel icky (fortunately I have the flexibility to do that at work on a whim). I did have to take something (activated charcoal) a couple of times when I felt really gross. But that's it.

-Also I've been doing yoga for digestion a few nights a week. One night Chris did it with me, but I think that's because he thinks Adriene is hot, haha. Definitely feeling a renewed yoga bug. And I like this Adriene chick so I may just start going her youtube yoga.

-Coconut oil on my face. I do not see myself going back to the olive oil/castor oil combo. Coconut oil is just too easy. I keep a glob in a small dish on my vanity, and grab a little bit every night after my shower. No mess, no refilling bottles with the right ratio, no special trips to the store for castor oil, no residue.

-The new fence is WONDERFUL. Not only is it functional, it makes everything look neater, tidier, and well-maintained. In progress pic:

It's hard to believe that when we moved in, it looked like this: (Which actually kinda looks better because it's all nice and green and not in the middle of winter...)

-The dog got a lot of walks this weekend. Which tuckered out not only her, but myself. Exercise on a beautiful day? I need more of that.

-Jeans. The old ones, along with all my old pants, just don't fit anymore. I hate, hate jeans shopping. I've been putting it off, wearing leggings or pj pants or yoga pants or even work pants on the weekends. But jeans are just so convenient and I don't know if I can really get away with not owning a pair of jeans that fits.


Drew said...

Yay to all of the above! (Except jean shopping.)

Drew said...

Yay to all of the above! (Except jean shopping.)