18 January 2015


So the crafting thing happened last night. Behold: BOX!

Then I got into a super motivated organizational mode and I sorted all of our spending from 2014 into categories. Nothing new; I do that every year.

What took it over the top was when I scanned and logged every single purchase receipt we've kept for large purchases and various home improvements. In May 2014, we installed new dryer hookups. It cost $21.63. Stuff like that. Better to over-document than under-document, I always say. It's all been organized and compiled onto a flash drive that will go into the box of dooooom.

We are going to have our taxes done this year instead of doing them ourselves, since we're not sure how this "We bought a house" thing will change how it's done. Which means I better show up super organized and prepared.

After that, I was pretty much done and was in bed by 930.

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